The search for the perfect vegan bagel is over! No need to just order a salad, call ahead of time, or ask your waiter to substitute. We got you covered with a delicious vegan bagel combination: the Vegan Veggie Melt. Yes, it exists!

Take a peek at three tasty things you need to know about the Vegan Veggie Melt:

1. Hello, healthy vegan option!

The Vegan Veggie Melt is a deliciously healthy option. It’s filled with Sundried Tomato Toffuti, tomatoes, red onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, and melted daiya cheese.

2. Which bagel or bread do you want that on?

You have the choice to decide between multiple flavored bagels, sourdough, or whole-grain bread. We even have plain and everything gluten-free bagels now!

We recommend ordering an “everything” bagel for ultimate flavor.

3. Vegan Veggie Melt is best paired with…

Acai Energy with almond milk! We are head over heels for this apple juice, acai, strawberries, bananas, and vanilla protein smoothie. What better way to eat your Vegan Veggie Melt than washing it down with a power smoothie?

Now that the search for the best vegan bagel combination is over, come visit us and try the Vegan Veggie Melt and Acai Energy smoothie! Are you curious to see what else we have to offer? Not only do we offer smoothies and vegan bagel sandwiches, but we also serve craft coffee, breakfast anytime, hot sandwiches, melts, high-rise sandwiches, crepes, acai bowls, soups, salads, and cold-pressed juices. View our full menu here. We look forward to seeing you at BCB Café!