Maybe your friends decided to give your usual brunch spot a break for the weekend, and you volunteered to host your own brunch. It might have seemed innocent enough at first, but scrolling through Pinterest and perusing Martha Stewart’s blog can be overwhelming. At BCB Café, we can help you keep your weekend morning get-together simple and stress free, while still impressing your guests. Our solution: a bagel bar.

Its simplicity is what makes a bagel brunch genius. You won’t have to spend the early hours of the day cooking and baking, and what’s more, everyone loves bagels. With a little help from BCB, you can take the weekday staple and elevate it to something your guests will be thanking you for.

Here are the five things you need to pull off a stress-free bagel bar brunch that’ll wow all your friends.

  1. Bagels

This is probably obvious, but a good bagel bar should start with good bagels. BCB’s catering menu allows you to order a box of bagels and cream cheese that’ll feed a group of 12 or 30. So no matter how many guests you invite to brunch, no one will go hungry. You should try to pick out a variety of bagel flavors, but make sure there are plenty of plain or whole-wheat varieties, since they make the best bases for more interesting or complexly flavored toppings.

  1. Cream cheese

Our bagel package also comes with your choice of cream cheese. Of course you’ll want to have plain cream cheese to start with, but think about more atypical cream cheese options such as strawberry, vegetable, sundried tomato, scallion, or garlic herb. You may even want to pull out a jar of peanut butter, jelly, and Nutella to mix things up a bit more.

  1. The extra fixings

For some people, the best part about a bagel bar is the hope of finding lox. Keep that in mind when building your little buffet. You might have guests who want to take a sweeter approach to brunch; for them, make sure you’re offering a variety of fruit and maybe a couple treats like chocolate chips. Those who want to start their day with a savory meal will appreciate toppings like tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and deli meat (BCB offers trays with these condiments as well!).

  1. Coffee and bubbly

Food is just one aspect of brunch; coffee and Champagne will always be welcomed during the meal. You can always ask your friends to bring their favorite bottle of bubbly to share, while you provide the orange juice to create your own version of bottomless mimosas. Then give your coffee pot the day off by ordering coffee (in an insulated container, along with cream and sugar) from BCB.

  1. Ambiance and decor

With nourishments set, you can now focus on the ambiance you want to create. A quick trip to the flower shop or grocery store will give you fresh blooms to decorate your space. Maybe light a few candles to create a relaxed atmosphere, and play your favorite laid-back playlist to set the mood. Making your guests feel at home is key to hosting a successful brunch.

All our BCB catering orders come with the utensils and paper products (cups and stirrers too, for coffee orders) that you would need to serve a righteous bagel brunch. It’s just one more way we can help make your to-do list a little lighter.

Visit BCB Café online to check out our catering menu, and then call 619-574-7878 and ask to speak with our catering director.