It’s no secret that finals are alive and well at San Diego State University! Whether you’ve been studying since January or just started this week, you are bound to need a break every once in a while. Studies show that taking breaks from studying leaves a positive effect on your attention abilities. And since we want you to do the best on your finals, we’ve come up with a few ways to help! Take a look at the four ways you can take a break from studying for finals at the SDSU Coffee Cart:

1. Take a walk (to the coffee cart)

Stand up from your desk at the library (yes, right now) and walk down to the coffee cart for a break. Getting your legs moving will rejuvenate you for your next round of studying.

2. Energize with a coffee or tea

Now that you’re at the coffee cart, re-energize with a coffee or tea. We suggest ordering a hammerhead espresso or energy infusion for that maximum caffeine boost. You’ll be ready to knock those finals out of the park!

3. Socialize with a friend

Invite a friend to join you at the coffee cart to start a conversation. It’s important to stay human and not revert to zombie-like behavior 24/7. We are here to help you keep your sanity. Who knows – maybe you’ll learn something from your conversation that you wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t taken a break, whether it’s juicy gossip or tips on how to finally solve that practice exam problem.

4. Unleash your creativity

Studying for finals is the least bit creative. It might be the least creative thing anyone has ever done. Ever. Period. So that’s why we suggest bringing one of those adult coloring books, or even a colorful pen and paper to doodle, draw, and decompress at the coffee cart tables. Say goodbye to studying physics and hello to fun.

So, take a deep breath in and deep breath out. We are here to help you succeed on your finals. If you are curious about what drinks we serve at the coffee cart, take a look at our full menu here.

Good luck on your finals!