Every year millions of people make health and fitness related New Year’s resolutions. If you’re focusing on making exercise a priority this year, you’ve got to start with properly fueling your body. The food you eat before or after a workout can make or break your cardiovascular or resistance training, so you should start your road to resolution victory with the right snack.

Certain foods can affect your energy levels during exercise, and if you reach for the right snack—like a BCB bagel—you’ll be setting yourself up for success. Here’s how to fuel your workout to reach your fitness goals this year.

Choosing Your Pre-Workout Snack

Eating too much before you exercise can slow you down and give you stomach cramps, while eating too little will keep you from feeling strong enough to give your workout your all. Before you head to the gym or lace up your running sneakers, reach for a nutritional complex carbohydrate, like a whole-wheat bagel.

Whole grains take longer to digest and will slowly release into your bloodstream, giving you a steady supply of energy. If you think whole-wheat bagels lack flavor, you can top it off with some peanut butter, eggs, or cheese—any of these options will add a few grams of protein to your snack as well.

What to Look for in a Post-Workout Snack

Once you’re done sweating it out, you should refuel with another snack. Ideally you should be eating a protein- and carb-rich treat 30 minutes to two hours of finishing your workout—whether you’re feeling hungry or not. The carbohydrates in the meal will help reduce muscle soreness and give you energy to perform the next day, and protein will help you build and repair your muscle tissue.

Because protein is important in your post-workout snack, stop by BCB Café and order your favorite High-Rise Sandwich. And you don’t have to worry about sticking to complex carbs (like whole wheat); a refined carb—or basically any of our bagel options—will help spike your blood sugar so your muscles can quickly and optimally replenish the energy you just expended.

At BCB Café, we believe in you! And we’re excited to be a part of your fitness goals and resolutions. Visit us at any of our three locations next time you need to fuel your workout.