Frequent flyers typically have their own pre-flight rituals. Some might do a quick yoga sequence in a quiet corner of the terminal. Others might double check their packing list to make sure they’ve got everything they need. In San Diego, many travelers make BCB a part of their pre-flight routine by stopping by our Rental Car Center location before heading to the airport.

Here are five reasons you too should swing by our kiosk to grab your favorite BCB coffee, tea, juice, or smoothie before flying out of Lindbergh Field.

You can grab a healthier, more fulfilling snack to go along with your cup of Joe.

There’s nothing like being stuck on a flight with a grumbling tummy. The peanuts and pretzels—while nice—aren’t the most helpful mid-flight snack to ease your hunger pains. Our BCB kiosk has a selection of sandwiches, crepes, and acai bowls that you can bring with you on the plane or munch on while you’re waiting to board. Having a healthy snack with you before you even get past security means you won’t be rushing to purchase a candy bar or fall prey to the sometimes questionable airplane meals.

Give yourself a moment of Zen before the rush at the airport.

Whether you’re flying out to pitch a big client, visiting family, or finally taking that vacation you’ve been planning for a year, there’s no escaping TSA and airport crowds. Grab your BCB coffee or tea before you even enter the airport and take your time sipping it as you’re in the shuttle or waiting in line for security. Sipping a drink you love will keep you in a calm state of mind before you begin your journey. And that’s probably the best way to start your trip, no matter where you’re headed.

You can get your caffeine fix before your flight.

Regardless of if you have a long-haul flight or just a quick trip to your destination, grabbing a coffee before you board can actually reduce your stress once you’re on the plane. If you’re heading out on a business trip, sipping your coffee before you board means you’ll be energized and able to work, read, or otherwise be productive during your flight. Drinking coffee before you board—instead of waiting for the drink cart to come around during the flight—means the caffeine will wear off enough for a quick catnap once you’re in the skies.

You won’t have to worry about juggling a coffee cup along with your luggage as your board.

Lugging your carry-on and personal bags down the narrow aisles can be hectic enough, but try doing that will coffee in hand as well. If you finish you’re drink before you board, you’ll have a smoother walk to your seat, and be able to settle in without asking your seat-mate to hold your cup while you put your bag in the overhead compartment.

Airplane coffee and tea should be avoided.

There have been several articles and stories covering reasons why asking for a coffee or tea while on board is a big no-no. On planes, the water tank is supposed to be extremely difficult to clean, so the water that makes your mid-flight coffee or tea, might not be germ-free. At the very least, it’s not going to be the best tasting coffee you’ve ever ordered.

With your flight booked and bags packed, the only thing you need when heading to the airport is a cup of BCB coffee. Visit BCB online to check out our San Diego Airport Rental Car Center menu and see a list of our other locations.