If you haven’t visited BCB Café yet, it’s ok! We want you to have an incredible first experience. That’s why we are going to lay out the top four menu items you must try. But, first thing’s first—we want you to know that we are more than your average bagel and coffee hot spot. We offer unique, decadent, and oh so delicious signature sandwiches, melts, acai bowls, juices, etc. One bite or sip will leave your taste buds speechless. That being said, here are four menu items BCB first timers have to order:

1. The “BCB Fit” Breakfast Sandwich

Who says egg sandwiches are only for breakfast? Here at BCB Café, we serve breakfast anytime of the day. For those not-so-morning people, you can even order the “BCB Fit” Breakfast Sandwich at noon! We love this menu item, because it curbs that breakfast comfort food sensation without the loaded calories. It is layered with egg whites, avocado, turkey bacon, and hot sauce. Try it on a gluten-free plain or everything bagel.

2. The 5th Avenue Sandwich

Inspired by 5th Avenue in New York City, this sandwich is full of excitement. It is loaded with turkey, garlic herb cream cheese, bacon, avocado, tomato, and melted Muenster cheese. The unique combination of flavors makes it a signature favorite for us. We suggest trying it as a melt for the ultimate cheesy experiences.

3. Big City Crema

Coffee AND ice cream? Yes, please! Big City Crema is one of our favorite sweet treats. It is a creamy espresso drink full of rich vanilla ice cream, drowned in creamy espresso, and topped with both chocolate chips and whipped cream. This treat will keep you cool and caffeinated on a summer day.

4. The Co-Op (Lox) Sandwich

If you normally order fish on any menu, then you will love the Co-Op (Lox) Sandwich. This sandwich is a traditional salmon sandwich with a BCB Café twist. It consists of sliced nova lox, plain cream cheese, tomatoes, onions, and capers. Here at BCB Café, we have the option to order it as a high-rise sandwich, instead of ordering it on a bagel. A high-rise sandwich with more layers of ingredients is larger, and taller, than life!

We hope you come visit us soon for your first time at BCB Café. We are located in Hillcrest, San Diego Airport Rental Car Center, and SDSU. Please take a look at our full menu here for all that BCB Café has to offer.