If you are gluten-free, vegan, or sugar-free, you understand that eating out at restaurants is close to impossible. Finding a restaurant or café with these options available can make your day! That’s why we made it a priority to create a menu that not only has options for everyone, but also tastes incredible.

Gluten-Free at BCB

What is gluten? In our scientific, Bill Nye the Science Guy voice, gluten is a combination of proteins that is found in wheat and grains. It makes bread fluffy and soft.

Q: Is it possible to make a gluten-free, New York bagel?
A: Yes! Our friends from Coronado’s Gluten Free Pantry worked their magic and created the perfect gluten-free dough recipe. Don’t worry; it still has that doughy consistency. Hello, bagel heaven!

As of now, the gluten-free bagels that we offer are plain and everything. Top your bagel off with yummy veggies, cream cheese, tuna, and more! Anything you see on the menu—a high-rise sandwich, breakfast sandwich, soup, or melt—we can make gluten-free. We offer gluten-free crepe batter, too! You won’t want to miss out on trying these delicious creations. Take a peek at our full menu.

No Animal Products, No Problem

We have plenty of vegan options here at BCB Café! One of our favorite sandwiches, the Vegan Veggie Melt, just happens to be vegan. It comes with sundried Tomato Tofutti, tomatoes, red onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, and melted daiya cheese. Wash it down with a Big City Best smoothie with almond milk and your lunch is complete!

Besides the melt, if you are craving a simple bagel, we can spread it with hummus, Toffuti, peanut butter, jelly, or daiya cheese. Or if you are leaning more towards a salad, we have a chopped salad bar for only $6.99. Choose your greens, 5 ingredients, and dressing. There are so many tasty vegan options!

I Can’t Believe This is Sugar-Free

Did you know that eating sugar-free is a huge health benefit? It aids in weight loss and reduces blood sugar levels. If you are deciding to eat sugar-free, we got you covered!

We have delicious meat and veggie heavy options. One of the most popular is the “BCB Fit” Breakfast Sandwich loaded with egg whites, avocado, turkey bacon, and hot sauce. It is very healthy and full of good proteins. Bonus: Feel free to add on veggies for your green fix.

Don’t limit yourself to just healthy foods. Brighten your day with a delicious menu item from BCB Café. Come visit us at BCB Café Hillcrest, SDSU coffee carts, and the Rental Car Center at San Diego International Airport. We hope to see you soon!