Q: How do you feed a hungry group of people?

A: Catering, of course!

Forget about cooking—BCB Café will make it easy on you and cater your next breakfast or lunch event. Discover the three main reasons why BCB Catering is your best option.

1. Not just bagels and coffee

Bring a box of bagels to an event and watch everyone swarm with happiness (and hunger). Nothing beats a warm bagel with cream cheese at a morning event. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the cup of Joe! We are happy to deliver bulk Café Moto to go.

While we are best known for our New York style bagels, we also are home to breakfast and lunch sandwiches, cheese trays, decadent desserts, muffins, pastries, and more. Your guests won’t be disappointed with the delicious variety! Get a head start and check out our full catering menu here.

2. Food for any event!

Name your event, and we’ll cater it. Whether it’s a business meeting, fundraiser, tradeshow, convention, or even Pokémon Go meeting, we’ve got your event covered. Since we make our own bagels, we frequently sell wholesale bagels to hotels. We bake about 2,000 bagels per day! Find out more about our wholesale inquiries online.

3. Easy and stress-free

Catering with BCB Café will put a smile on your face. You won’t have to do any cooking, setting up, or picking up. We include paper products and utensils, as well as free BCB Delivery with $150 catering order. Sit back, relax, and let us cater your next event.

Are you ready to cater with BCB Café? Follow these three simple steps to the perfect catered event.

  1. Check out our catering menu.
  2. Get a head count and confirm your number of guests.
  3. Call us at 619-574-7878 and ask to speak with our catering director.