Dreams of sugarplums, turkey, and mashed potatoes might be running through your head during the holidays, but we think bagels deserve a spot at your table as well. While seemingly unconventional at first, ordering a box of BCB bagels during the holiday weekend actually makes a lot of sense—here’s why.

An Easy, Delicious Breakfast

Bagels are an easy meal that everyone loves. After all the work that went in to creating a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, the last thing you want to do is worry about breakfast the next day. Whether you have your entire extended family over for the holidays or just need to feed your immediate family, bagels are a fantastic option. All you have to do is visit one of our three BCB locations to pick up a box of bagels (and possibly cream cheese) and that’s it; family fed. We now give you permission to go relax the rest of the weekend.

Extra Sustenance for Black Friday Shopping

If you’re one of the brave ones who faces the crowds to get the ultimate deal on Black Friday, you’re going to need some serious sustenance to give yourself a fighting chance. Before leaving the house, stash a bagel in your bag so it’ll be handy when hunger strikes. And if you need a break from the tug-of-war in the toy aisle, head to one of our BCB cafes for a little serenity—plus an espresso drink and high-rise sandwich to help you refuel. Either way, BCB’s bagels and drinks have what it takes to give you the energy to finish up your holiday shopping.

Make the Ultimate Leftover Sandwich

We can probably all agree that one of the best parts about Thanksgiving (and Christmas too, for that matter) is the leftovers. Instead of using a sad, day-old roll to create your ultimate leftovers sandwich, run to BCB and grab an order of bagels. Our Asiago cheese, whole wheat, or jalapeño would each be a perfect match for your meal. And if you have extra cranberry sauce and are craving a sweet treat, try some on a cinnamon bagel. Mixing up the flavor profile of your bread-component with a bagel gives you endless possibilities and makes your leftovers even more exciting.

To stay updated on seasonal items and holiday hours, visit us online. And don’t forget to place your orders or stop by one of our BCB locations. We’d love to spend the holidays with you!