We wanted to share an update with you regarding the fire at our Hillcrest location. We are crossing our fingers for a June 7th reopening. In the meantime, we will continue to serve our customers at our other locations. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to offer support.

What makes our bagels NY style...
here in sunny San Diego.

A generational breakfast staple and symbol of East Coast culture, the New York style bagel is boiled and baked for a crispy, shiny outside and a soft, doughy inside. New York City’s bagel tradition dates back to the 1880s, when street vendors on the Lower East Side stacked bagels sky high and sold them to people on the go.

In today’s age of mass frozen production, true New York bagels are increasingly hard to find–even in New York. But here in San Diego, BCB Company boils fresh-rolled bagels daily in our 200-gallon kettle. After about 30 seconds of boiling, we take the bagels out, place them on our old-school bagel boards, and seed them on both sides–an authentic touch that you won’t find at big name franchises.

The fully loaded boards go into a rotating shelf oven to bake at 500-plus degrees F. This is when they start to smell amazing. Then, we transfer the bagels onto the oven shelf before finally bringing them out to our bins for you to choose your favorite. Big City Bagels are always fresh, never frozen!


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